What is THAT???

Have you ever gone to get a massage and the therapist rattled off a bunch of different things that they do and you thought….”Well, I don’t know what that is…I just want you to get rid of my pain!!” Yeah, me too. Now that I have learned about some of it, I thought I’d give you quick definitions of things and what they are used for so that when you hear them, you have some idea of what they are.

Myofascial Release is today’s modality. I could give you a big long definition with a lot of technical terms, but I like to keep things simple. There’s a layer of tissue in our bodies that surrounds and is part of every structure in our body and when it is tight….we hurt. It doesn’t act like muscle so to release it we have to treat it a little differently.

So what would that look like in a massage room? Well, there would be a lot of stretching that lasted anywhere from 2-5 minutes per stretch. There would be slow, still work that doesn’t feel like much at first….but can provide tremendous relief and it’s done with fairly light pressure.

Why would you want this? Well, it can help break down scar tissue, soften tissue, increase range of motion, help to balance your posture and just help you move more fluidly.
Simple. Direct and to the point. Myofascial Release is a valuable treatment that when done correctly can really help a person struggling with things like a tight shoulder, scarring, poor posture and/or poor flexibility just to name a few.

If that sounds like you, ask your therapist about it next time you go for a massage. They might just be able to do a LOT more than just relax you.


Small Gifts from God….

Remember blessings come from everywhere. Today I was so blessed.
1. My sister in law was able to watch my daughter so I could go to the doctor.
2. There was almost no wait at the doctor’s office.
3. There was NO wait at the pharmacy.
4. Then when I got home, my daughter took a nap out of no where and I was able to rest.

Thank you Father.

You might be a mom if….

– One of your favorite gifts from your husband is a lock on the bathroom door.
– if you understand the statement, “If there’s NO BLOOD, I don’t want to hear it!”
– if one of your most feared sounds is silence.
– if horrific screams no longer phase you.
– if you look up at the clock and think…”When was the last time they went to the bathroom?”
– If you understand that a clean bottom is FAR more important than a cute hairdo.

Have a Great Day!!

A First Challenge!!!

Have you ever thought about how many firsts you have in your life? When you are a child, just about everything is a first. Your first step, your first word, your first solid food followed by your first solid poop!

As we grow, life is full of exciting firsts as well as some extremely rough ones. Your first kiss, your first heartbreak, your first real loss. Now although some of these are traumatic and horrible, I started thinking that maybe we start losing our enthusiasm for life when we stop experiencing those firsts. When we don’t keep looking for new experiences. I mean really, why do people cheat on their spouses? I imagine because they like that excitement from the newness of the experience. Why are so many people on antidepressants? Could it be they feel they are in a rut? (Duh!)

Today I took the girls to Meerschiedt. I have been there many times before, but today we played ping pong. I didn’t even know they had ping pong. It was a first. I had never played ping pong with my girls. My daughters had never played at all. It was such a simple but fun experience. We were all laughing and enjoying ourselves completely.

So I challenge you this week. Look for firsts. Try something new for the first time. No matter how simple it may seem, you never know how much enjoyment you may get out of it.  No clue what to try? Here’s some ideas –

1. Order a new food

2. Go to a new restaurant

3. Wear that shirt you look drop dead gorgeous in.

4. Try rollerblading.

5. Eat a jalepeno….by itself. (Ok, that’s just me daring you.)

6. Try a headstand or a handstand…just don’t hurt yourself.

7. Go to ZUMBA!!!

8. Better yet, go to Stiletto Night!!!

9. Go to Karaoke.

10. Eat Sushi!!!

Just do something new. There is no reason to keep doing exactly the same thing day after day, week after week, year after year. It will just bring on dementia that much faster. Do something new and enjoy life. Remember, today is called the present because it’s a gift.

More “cool” activities and Places to Party Child Style

Well Mommies, it’s HOT!!! Sometimes in mid-Summer we all start to feel like we’re melting and just need to get the kids out….while still staying cool. What in the world are our options?

Here are just a few. My absolute favorite is the Aquatic Center. It’s a great place to take the entire family. There is a walk-in area for little ones to play in. There’s a slide, a winding river, a warm pool and a lap pool all in a nice indoor play area. To learn more about the Aquatic Center call 575-541-AQUA. It’s such a great place to relax all afternoon, cool off, work out or even hold a birthday party.

Oh, speaking of birthday parties. Who wants to have one outside this time of year? UGH!! Did you know you can have one at the Royal Bounce in the Mesilla Valley Mall? If you haven’t taken your kids there yet, it’s a sure-fire way to wear them out!! They can bounce to their heart’s delight. Then you can walk them over the Museum Of Natural History right next to JCPenny. Just hurry to see that one. The Museum is moving Downtown on August 5th.

Another great place to have a birthday party is at Cruces Gymnatics Academy on 601 S Espanola St.. They will provide your kids with great activities and entertainment and all you have to do is show up and enjoy! For more information on parties with them or to sign your kiddos up for classes check them out at http://crucesgymnasticsacademy.com/.

Stay tuned to learn about more fun activities. There’s always something!!!