Count your pennies

A few months ago I saw a show that said Americans have all kinds of money just laying around their house. At the time, I was inspired to count up my change and sure enough…we had $70.00 in CHANGE. Cool!!!

Now I’m inspired to pass on a few tips that I’ve learned over the years on how to better your financial situation. Some of these are things I learned from my parents. Others are from friends and some are just my own personal discoveries.

1. Just at the introduction implies….save that change. You never know when it may just pay that unexpected bill.
2. Keep track of where you’re spending your money. At first, you may need to write down every dime you spend. You’ll create new habits quick.
3. Eat at home or brown bag it as often as possible. (Take snacks with you from home even when you’re headed out for errands. Those trips to McDonald’s can really add up quick.)
4. Consolidate your errands. Don’t make three trips if you can leave the house just once. Gas is far to expensive to take multiple trips if they can be done all at once.
5. If you have credit cards, pay them off EVERY month. If you do this long enough, soon the bank pays YOU to use them….seriously!!!
6. If you aren’t used to using a card, discipline yourself by using it to pay a bill you normally pay. Then pay the card off every month.
7. If you have an outstanding debt, make sure you are keeping in touch with the company. Most companies will work with you as long as you are making SOME kind of payment.
8. SAVE a little money every month. The only way to make this happen is to pay yourself FIRST. What you have to do is put something aside before you pay your bills. At first you may only put aside $10.00, but when you get used to skipping one meal out or buying $10.00 less in junk food, you’ll realize you might be able to afford $15.00….then $20. It adds up quick.
9. Skip cable and get Netflix (or Hulu)….if you really need to watch TV.
10. And the last tip for the day is….get creative and keep an open mind. You’ll see opportunities for savings in all kinds of new places. I have.

I think this will be my new theme for a while considering I really need to keep this in mind myself. Please feel free to share your tips with me here. Everyone loves great ideas and reminders of how to save a little dough. Have a happy Tuesday!!!