All I need to know I learned from Spongebob!

2. Never give up!! (Not sure he’ll ever get his boating license.)
3. Be on-time.
4. Love your neighbors….even if they don’t love you.
5. Do your best at whatever you’re doing….even a fry-cook is important.
6. Take care of your equipment….that Spatula is your livelihood.
7. Be absolutely loyal to your friends.
8. Always look on the Brightside.
9. Be creative and even the most mundane tasks can be exciting.
10. And finally, when you dedicate yourself to something, do it completely and your rewards will be great!!!

So now that I’ve finished massage school…..”I’M READY!!!”
Let the fun begin!


Las Cruces can be FUN,FUN, FUN

Last night I met someone new to Las Cruces. She and a friend of mine were talking about how they had no idea what all was available to do here in town. Since I have been here for quite some time and am constantly looking for new experiences, I know about a lot of really fun and great activities for kids and families here in town. For the next few articles, I’ll be listing all the different activities we have enjoyed. Some will just be for kids. Others are for the entire family.

Today I’ll introduce you to the Farmers Market. I know. This one is very obvious, but if you are new to Las Cruces, maybe you don’t know how great it is. On Wednesday and Saturday mornings, the farmers market is a wonderful place to take your husband, your kids….even your dog. This is an extremely family friend event that happens twice a week every week.  It’s held at the North Downtown Mall area and has something for everyone. There’s music, food, sometimes dance or singing performances and of course crafts galore.

This is also the place to wander down and see another great place to go. The Rio Grande Theater is downtown as well. I’ve been there for FREE dance performances, children’s performances and several awards presentations. If you haven’t checked it out, go today.

For more information on the market go to

To see what’s going on at the Rio Grande theater, check out