Old School Perks

I LOVE technology. I really do. One of the reasons I write this blog is to enjoy using technology. HOWEVER, there really are some major perks to sticking with old school. Here are just a few of my favorites:

1. I have never had to call Amazon to fix the wireless connection for my paperback.
2. I’ve never had to reset my newspaper.
3. I don’t have to buy batteries for or recharge my magazines.
4. My hardbacks may be stiffer but not necessarily ruined if I drop them in the bathtub.
5. My phone book doesn’t show me 200 places by the same name in 20 different cities when I only need the local store.
6. I never worried about my landline emitting signals into my brain and causing cancer.
7. That same landline never used to beep and blink at me all night.
8. I never felt I needed to chase my three-year old down to get a book away from her (like I have with my kindle).
9. I never worried that my book was heating up too much while I was reading it.
10. The best perk about a good old fashion book is that I have NEVER had to wrestle my favorite novel away from my children so that I could read it!!!


Lift them up

As I sit here this morning, I have a need to share a wonderful message that Joel Olsteen talked about today. He spoke about loyalty and how important it is to basically “have your loved ones’ backs”. It was an interesting message because at first it almost sounded like we deny they have a problem, but the more I listened the more I wanted to share it.

The main message is this, we are not always going to agree with the decisions of our friends or family. We will often see and are upset by mistakes we see them make. However, that does not mean we go out into the world and tell everyone how wrong they are. We don’t need to advertise the fact that someone we know and love is screwing up. Instead we need to focus on the fact that we love them and want to help them. We speak well of them and do our best to guide them in the right direction. Notice I did not say, we deny the existence of the problem. Behind closed doors, we can call them on their mistakes. We can encourage them to make the changes they need to make. However, in public we support them and lift them up.

In light of the day, I’d like to remind everyone to do the same thing for our troops. It doesn’t matter what you believe about any battles we are fighting as a country. The men and women who signed up to serve our country are there sacrificing everything to maintain our freedoms. They lose time with their loved ones. They risk losing their health and sanity….and those are the lucky ones. Many, far too many, lose their lives to protect our rights.

Lift them up. Support them no matter what you believe. Give them your love and respect. If you disagree with the battles we are fighting, speak your mind to the politicians….not our soldiers. They’re doing what they’ve been commanded to do which is always SUPPOSED to be in the best interest of our country. They themselves may not always agree with the mission. That does not mean they can refuse it. Do not make their job harder. Love them! Support them and give them your loyalty. Nothing feels better in this world than to know that someone you’re fighting for “HAS YOUR BACK TOO!!”

Have a great week everyone!!!



The Shoe is on the Other Foot

“You’re doing this against my wishes!!”

That was the phrase I was told recently by someone very dear to me…. my HUSBAND. My first reaction was a FLASH of anger and then a feeling of defeat. How do you react to that? This is not the 1960’s. I do not have to do what my husband says! On the other hand, is it right to go against your life partner?

These are issues I imagine any married couple goes through. What I would like to do is just walk you through the process I took to make my decision so that others may be able to make their decisions a little easier.

What I had to do first was CALM DOWN! My anger was overwhelming and a million hateful things popped into my head. This is not a way to win an argument.

Then I had to SNAP OUT OF IT. As I stated earlier I felt defeated and ready to just give up what I wanted. However, giving up just creates resentment. Resentment is a BAD thing and needs to be avoided at all costs.

My next step was to really think things through. I asked myself several questions:

1. What did I really WANT and why?

2. Was what I wanted good for just me or would it also benefit my family?

3. Am I making this decision to be happy in the now or is this a long term goal that could create long term happiness?

Then the questions related to my husband:

1. Has he made this an ultimatum? Is this a “deal breaker”?

2. Will he retaliate? If so, how and can I handle that?

3. How will he be once I have attained my goal?

4. Is it possible this will also make him happy in the end?

5. AND most importantly, do I know what he would do if the shoe was on the other foot? (ABSOLUTELY!!)
Now, those closest to me may have some idea how I answered these questions, but my answers are not important. I am just excited I was able to come to a decision that I feel good about and that the process was logical, yet took my spouse into account.

I wanted to walk others through it to help them to remember….just because you are married does not mean you have to become someone else. Just because you’re married does not mean it is your duty to make your spouse happy with every move you make.

Try not to make decisions from a place of retaliation, resentment or pain. They will not be good ones. Be logical and think things through. Finally and possibly what is most important, PRAY! The answers will come.


Can you believe I’m saying that? I remember thinking it as a kid because it limited what I could do. Could I have a horse? No, it costs money! Can I drive that tractor? No it’s expensive and you might wreck it! Can I be an actress? No you’ll never make any money at it.

So what does that have to do with now? Well, I once again hate money. Not because I want so many things, but because people seem to think it’s my responsibility to provide it for them doing what THEY think I should be doing.

What has happened to this country when we now measure a person’s worth on the size of their paycheck? Believe it or not, it’s OK to not make a lot of money. It’s OK to live within your means. We don’t HAVE to have big houses. We don’t HAVE to drive fancy cars. I don’t care what the “Jones” are doing. I like being with my kids. It’s fun to cook with them and teach them how to do laundry and chores around the house. I know I’m teaching them worth while life skills that so many seem to be lacking now-a-days.

It IS possible to live frugally. In Cruces, it’s especially easy. I’ve been checking out a site on Facebook; https://www.facebook.com/HomesteadingSelfSufficiencySurvival?ref=stream, that has hundreds of great tips on how to do stuff at home.  My friend Allison started Brilliant Bartering: https://www.facebook.com/groups/321670657927968/?bookmark_t=group, At her site, you can offer up your services in trade for something else.

At Freecycle Las Cruces, http://www.google.com/url?sa=t&rct=j&q=freecycle%20las%20cruces&source=web&cd=1&sqi=2&ved=0CEoQFjAA&url=http%3A%2F%2Fgroups.freecycle.org%2FFreecycleLC&ei=GYgmUI3cOcTLyAGYwIHgCA&usg=AFQjCNEzkk1vgcL0YkURyvVlZ1WMUdq1zQ&cad=rja you can literally get free stuff. You just have to go pick it up!!!

So why is everyone so busy searching for the almighty dollar? Why not search for that wonderful relationship with your own kids? Those are the things we will be remembered for. Not how much money we made.