Daily words of Encouragement

Everyday we are bombarded with negativity. I am especially vulnerable to it because I struggle with anxiety on a constant basis. The way I get past it is to remember that there are millions of miracles all around us. Just to be born, a baby must have so many things go right. My own adoptive child had all the odds stacked against her…and yet here she is. Not only alive, but happy and THRIVING!!

So look around. See the miracles. Know that there is always hope and no matter how big your problems seem, God is bigger.


Last Hoorah!!!

If you are like me, you are trying to wrap up the Summer with a little fun. Since I have extra kids this week, I had extra incentive to PLAN activities for them. So here’s a brief look at what we’ve done this week. Maybe you can use these ideas to enjoy with your kids.

Monday: We spent a couple of hours at the park, kicking around a ball and doing scavenger hunts. After lunch, we made home made play dough. Then we separated for music time. The older kids went to practice on their real instruments while the younger kids played on their keyboards, drums and tamborines.  So much fun.

Tuesday: We spent the morning outside, shooting hoops, making flower arrangements and drawing with water and paint brushes.  We turned the playhouse into a drive through restaurant and made sure to post our menu on the playhouse wall with sidewalk chalk. After we were good and hot, we headed to the Free Tuesday Movie. Ahhh….air conditioning.

Wednesday: Today was perfect to start the day outside again.  When everyone was hot and sweaty, it was video game time. By one it was Science time. We made GAK. (For a recipe for it, look up Goop or Slime. A little glue, little water, a little Borax.) So gooey. Then we did studied what happens when you mix milk, food coloring and dishsoap. Did I forget to mention we had to mix a little Vinegar and baking soda? That’s just really cool to watch. Finally, we all needed to get messy again, so we did paper mache.  Easy and very cool.

Thursday: It’s cupcake day. We will make cupcakes, decorate them…and of course….EAT THEM!!! If there are any interested bakers, we will experiment with a couple of other recipes while the oven is hot. By the afternoon, everyone will be so ready to cool off, so it will be time for a WATER BALLOON FIGHT!!!

Friday we’re going to have a mellow morning, but spend the afternoon at LABBS for the Free Swim session!!! Now is that a week of fun or what? If you feel like the Summer has gotten away from you, just get busy having some fun right now!!