10 Ways to build relationships with your students

If you are struggling with classroom management, the most important thing to remember is to build those relationships. Middle school students are strange little creatures….It’s almost like they are…Human. So with that in mind, here’s what I suggest. 

1. I have found the most important thing to do is remember what YOU were like at that age. Look at your old yearbooks. Show them to your students. Then get on to the next step and….

2. Have a good laugh! Kids love to laugh and to know you have a sense of humor. 

3. The next step goes right along with laughing…..It’s PLAY. Find some way to play with your kids. Too much of life is serious. Let kids enjoy some time to play.

4. Assign projects that allow for kids to insert their personalities into them. Then…

5. Ask them about what you see. Then…

6. Remember those special things about them and bring them back up later. 

7. Do a home visit now and then to really understand where your kids come from and how they live. 

8. Give them special privileges, such as eating or listening to music, that you can use to motivate them instead of jumping straight to the discipline plan. 

9. Treat them with respect even when they aren’t giving any. Your example may be the only one they see.

10. And finally….. remember that they are much less likely to learn anything from you if they hate you or stay mad at you. So taking the time to build these relationships is truly a great investment. 


Author: aymartos

I continue my journey to find true balance, I have made some huge changes. I took a year off of teaching to see if I had a place in the massage world. With the demands of our family budget, I soon realized I really didn't have time to build a business. Then after losing my dad, I felt I had lost my purpose for leaving education. So I returned. I now have a Level III Teaching license and am certified in both Special Education as well as General Education--Modern Classical Languages and Social Studies. I am 14 years in and still looking forward to my next step in life. Feel free to follow my journey.

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