You might be a mom if….

1. You find a pair of little girl panties in your purse.
2. You vacuum up lucky charms out of the master bedroom closet!!!???
3. Your house has been referred to as the “Land of Naked Barbies”.
4. Your last pedicure covered more of your toes than your toenails.
5. You look over and your husband’s toenails are a nice shade of pink. (LOVED THAT ONE!!)
6. A lock on the bathroom door is a fantastic gift from your husband.
7. You find grapes in your bed.
8. You haven’t seen the news in a week, but you know the dialogue to every SpongeBob, Superwhy and Barney episode ever made.
9. Your car stinks for a month because you can’t find the rotten fish stick that was stuffed into the back pocket of the drivers seat.
10. You feel like you are a servant to a 3 foot Diva!


My Change One (Friday’s inspiration)

Inspired by the Reader’s Digest Change One, I’ve decided that instead of making HUGE changes to my diet all at once, I will change only one thing at a time. Now I may change one thing a day or one thing a week….depending on my willpower. So here are a few of the changes I’ve made this year already changing just one thing at a time.

* No more sugar in my coffee
* Drinking 2-4 cups of Green Tea a day
* Walking or riding my bike while my girls ride their bikes (a couple of times a week at least)
* Cook one truly healthy meal a day
* Eating less flour tortillas & less chips

These are very simple changes, but I’ve already lost three pounds. Why do I tell you this? Maybe you have a goal that seems unreachable. Break it down into very small pieces and do only one thing at a time. You’ll get there.

(Side note – Don’t be too strict with yourself. Allow yourself time to be HUMAN. I celebrated a good grade with Doritos last night and felt….NO GUILT. Feels great. Be good to yourself. Celebrate your accomplishments and choose not to beat yourself up over setbacks.) Happy Friday!!