Bony Markings Lower Extremities

Good morning classmates!! These pictures may not have every point that we studied in class, but I thought you might like quick access to them. This first picture is just the main overview of everything we will be tested on in class on Tuesday. The lower pictures will be more specific.  From

From hiphiphip.jpg

Femur from

Fibula and Tibia from: tibiafibularantlabel.jpg

Foot from: foot-bones-joints.jpg

 Hope these help. Make sure to check your book too! These are just to help you study when you don’t have your books.

Quiz on Tuesday!!


Class Reminders

Hey guys,
Here are the reminders I promised you:
1. NO CLASS FRIDAY!!! Just read Chapter four and do all the matching questions.
2. We will be watching two films on Monday.
3. We have a quiz tonight over the scapula, clavicle, radius, ulna and the hand.

Side-Lying Massage Quiz – Notes

Hi classmates! I’m typing up the answers in to our side-lying quiz in a way that hopefully makes them easier to study.

Regular side-lying massage is essential when a woman is experiencing her 2nd & 3rd trimester. It is also appropriate for the elderly, a person with a colostomy, some people who have had vertebral fusion and a person who has had recent surgery.

Side-lying massage allows for better access to the back, the medial and lateral thighs, the neck and the shoulders.

During side-lying massage, the goal with Trager-like movements is to connect with the person’s sensory information. The first thing we do with Trager-like side-lying is to sculpt the body. The three most important ingredients of the Trager Approach are movement, feeling and sensation. The Trager Approach combines three main components in treating patients: tablework, Mentastics and hook-up.

In the Trager Approach, self-care includes shifting weight, stepping back from the table, breathing and Mentastics. It does NOT include the “less is more” paradox. In the Trager Approach, “This body is perfect” means: I need nothing; the patient is the healer; and the perceived problem is in the mind not the body. It does NOT mean, No pain, no gain. Gentleness, in the Trager Approach means soft hands, listening but not telling and when you meet resistance, lighten up.

For the True/False Section, remember the following.

Giving equals receiving with the Trager Approach.

All movement involves “hook-up” with the Trager Approach.

Know that regular side-lying massage is NOT more invasive than Swedish. (Read that one carefully on the quiz.)

The “duck bill” is designed to move the soft tissue away from the bone.

With the Trager Approach, it is thought that the mind is feeling the movement through the propoceptor system. It is also thought that the healer in the patient produces the cure.

Trager approach does not suggest that the solution is located in the unconscience mind or that the problem is determined to reach the mind through the sensations of the body.  (Those two questions are false on our upcoming quiz.)

Happy Studying!!!



Study, Study – Quiz on Tuesday Medical Terms part 1

Cartilage – Chondr/o
muscle – my/o
bone – oss ost/e
heat – therm
vein – phleb
nerve – neur/o
joint – arth/ro
lung – pulmo
cell – cyto
vessel – vas
blood – hem
tissue – hist

You might be a mom if….

– One of your favorite gifts from your husband is a lock on the bathroom door.
– if you understand the statement, “If there’s NO BLOOD, I don’t want to hear it!”
– if one of your most feared sounds is silence.
– if horrific screams no longer phase you.
– if you look up at the clock and think…”When was the last time they went to the bathroom?”
– If you understand that a clean bottom is FAR more important than a cute hairdo.

Have a Great Day!!