Breaking news: Police arrest suspect (right outside my house)

At approximately 1:50pm this afternoon, police rang my doorbell to announce that they had arrested a “bad guy” in my neighbor’s yard. I peered out past the female officer at my door and saw at least 3 police cruisers and several more officers knocking on the neighbors’ doors. After the officer assured me that I was safe and returned to her peers, I observed them from the safety of my perch (standing on my couch to see what they were all doing.)

Over the next few minutes, several unmarked vehicles, an ambulance and a firetruck arrived. I watched as two officers brought out the suspect in handcuffs. He appeared to be in his late twenties or early thirties. He was drenched in sweat after his run from his pursuers. Tattoos covered his arms and perhaps even his neck (although I didn’t get a close look).

The police gingerly placed him on the ground and began to search him. Paramedics and firemen came over and checked him out as well. By 2:15, they finally began to disperse. First the firetruck. Then the ambulance. Soon all that was left were two cruisers and an unmarked truck that belonged to the police photographer.

At 2:20, the remaining officers placed the suspect in their cruiser and cleared the cul-de-sac. By the time I stepped out my door at 2:25 to go pick up my other daughter, the only vehicle left was the photographer’s. No one would ever know what had just happened….if it weren’t for me being nosy!!

Hope you’re having a great day!!!




The Shoe is on the Other Foot

“You’re doing this against my wishes!!”

That was the phrase I was told recently by someone very dear to me…. my HUSBAND. My first reaction was a FLASH of anger and then a feeling of defeat. How do you react to that? This is not the 1960’s. I do not have to do what my husband says! On the other hand, is it right to go against your life partner?

These are issues I imagine any married couple goes through. What I would like to do is just walk you through the process I took to make my decision so that others may be able to make their decisions a little easier.

What I had to do first was CALM DOWN! My anger was overwhelming and a million hateful things popped into my head. This is not a way to win an argument.

Then I had to SNAP OUT OF IT. As I stated earlier I felt defeated and ready to just give up what I wanted. However, giving up just creates resentment. Resentment is a BAD thing and needs to be avoided at all costs.

My next step was to really think things through. I asked myself several questions:

1. What did I really WANT and why?

2. Was what I wanted good for just me or would it also benefit my family?

3. Am I making this decision to be happy in the now or is this a long term goal that could create long term happiness?

Then the questions related to my husband:

1. Has he made this an ultimatum? Is this a “deal breaker”?

2. Will he retaliate? If so, how and can I handle that?

3. How will he be once I have attained my goal?

4. Is it possible this will also make him happy in the end?

5. AND most importantly, do I know what he would do if the shoe was on the other foot? (ABSOLUTELY!!)
Now, those closest to me may have some idea how I answered these questions, but my answers are not important. I am just excited I was able to come to a decision that I feel good about and that the process was logical, yet took my spouse into account.

I wanted to walk others through it to help them to remember….just because you are married does not mean you have to become someone else. Just because you’re married does not mean it is your duty to make your spouse happy with every move you make.

Try not to make decisions from a place of retaliation, resentment or pain. They will not be good ones. Be logical and think things through. Finally and possibly what is most important, PRAY! The answers will come.

Don’t Box Yourself In

This morning, as has been for the last couple of weeks, I couldn’t get my three year old to eat breakfast. I tried tempting her with healthy breakfast foods like eggs and bacon. I offered her toast with jam. I began to get desperate thinking anything is better than nothing. I resorted to offering her those sugary cereals. She wouldn’t have it.

So I stared into the fridge trying to figure out just what she might go for. Then I saw them, the mixed vegetables from the night before. It’s her favorite, but for breakfast? It’s super healthy so I go for it and guess what? She loved it. Now she’s sitting contently at the end of the table munching away and I’m feeling like mommy of the year because MY child eats vegetables for breakfast.

Don’t box yourself in. Just because it isn’t NORMALLY done that way does not mean it CAN’T be done that way! Try it!

Daily words of Encouragement

Everyday we are bombarded with negativity. I am especially vulnerable to it because I struggle with anxiety on a constant basis. The way I get past it is to remember that there are millions of miracles all around us. Just to be born, a baby must have so many things go right. My own adoptive child had all the odds stacked against her…and yet here she is. Not only alive, but happy and THRIVING!!

So look around. See the miracles. Know that there is always hope and no matter how big your problems seem, God is bigger.

A First Challenge!!!

Have you ever thought about how many firsts you have in your life? When you are a child, just about everything is a first. Your first step, your first word, your first solid food followed by your first solid poop!

As we grow, life is full of exciting firsts as well as some extremely rough ones. Your first kiss, your first heartbreak, your first real loss. Now although some of these are traumatic and horrible, I started thinking that maybe we start losing our enthusiasm for life when we stop experiencing those firsts. When we don’t keep looking for new experiences. I mean really, why do people cheat on their spouses? I imagine because they like that excitement from the newness of the experience. Why are so many people on antidepressants? Could it be they feel they are in a rut? (Duh!)

Today I took the girls to Meerschiedt. I have been there many times before, but today we played ping pong. I didn’t even know they had ping pong. It was a first. I had never played ping pong with my girls. My daughters had never played at all. It was such a simple but fun experience. We were all laughing and enjoying ourselves completely.

So I challenge you this week. Look for firsts. Try something new for the first time. No matter how simple it may seem, you never know how much enjoyment you may get out of it.  No clue what to try? Here’s some ideas –

1. Order a new food

2. Go to a new restaurant

3. Wear that shirt you look drop dead gorgeous in.

4. Try rollerblading.

5. Eat a jalepeno….by itself. (Ok, that’s just me daring you.)

6. Try a headstand or a handstand…just don’t hurt yourself.

7. Go to ZUMBA!!!

8. Better yet, go to Stiletto Night!!!

9. Go to Karaoke.

10. Eat Sushi!!!

Just do something new. There is no reason to keep doing exactly the same thing day after day, week after week, year after year. It will just bring on dementia that much faster. Do something new and enjoy life. Remember, today is called the present because it’s a gift.