Money, money, money!!!!

Since I will no longer be bringing in a salary from a full-time job, I thought I’d better check out where I can cut back and save some cash. I am so excited about what I’ve discovered I wanted to share it with you. Here’s what I’ve saved so far:

$700 on Daycare

$200 on After school care

$380 on Cleaning Services

$7.00 on Comcast

$20.00 on Verizon

$50.oo on Massage

$18.00 on a Gym Membership

For a grand total of $1375.00 SAVINGS PER MONTH!

…and I have not yet even touched on saving on the grocery bill or eating out.

I don’t know about you, but I got a rush out of seeing all of that savings. If you have other ideas, let me know. I’d love to share them….and USE them.

Hope you are having a great Tuesday.


Author: aymartos

I continue my journey to find true balance, I have made some huge changes. I took a year off of teaching to see if I had a place in the massage world. With the demands of our family budget, I soon realized I really didn't have time to build a business. Then after losing my dad, I felt I had lost my purpose for leaving education. So I returned. I now have a Level III Teaching license and am certified in both Special Education as well as General Education--Modern Classical Languages and Social Studies. I am 14 years in and still looking forward to my next step in life. Feel free to follow my journey.

One thought on “Money, money, money!!!!”

  1. You are so right about all the money you will save by changing your job. It could very well be that you will save on gas most of the time. Fewer sinus infections and doctor visits I hope:) I have an awesome recipe for homeade laundry detergent……….costs pennies in comparison to store bought and I really like it better! Savers for clothing, especially for the kiddos ~ they grow so fast!

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